Dr. Bird & Dr. Bell

Physical Therapy & Performance

Welcome to Bird & Bell Physical Therapy & Performance! We are here to offer you high level, expertise and care through your Physical Therapy journey. Serving a wide range of demographics, including orthopedic injuries, sports performance, runners & pelvic floor dysfunction we are here to help with your Physical Therapy & Performance needs.

Bird & Bell Physical Therapy is a concierge therapy setting, providing individualized one on one treatment virtually to the people of Michigan and in person appointments in the Ann Arbor area.

In the midst of this pandemic, Bird and Bell Physical Therapy & Performance are here to say you, your movement & your function are ESSENTIAL. We have the knowledge and skills and are committed to providing Telehealth Physical Therapy to those in need. Let's Stay Connected & Keep Moving.

Providing high level Physical Therapy and Performance based treatments through a virtual platform allows us to meet you where you are to reach your highest potential.

Meet Our Team

Dr. Michele Bird PT, DPT

MS, OCS, Kinesiology Lecturer

Dr. Bird is the jack of all trades orthopedic therapist, who is passionate and compassionate about helping her patients of all levels meet their fullest potential through movement analysis and assessment. Dr. Bird is a board certified orthopedic clinical specialist who possesses over 25 years of exceptional knowledge, skill and experience in the field of orthopedics. She strives to learn the most about her patients by using her keen eye to analyze their movements and provide evidence-based individualized care. Dr. Bird highly values the collaborative process between patient and therapist to develop a results driven program.

Dr. Bird has three children who are heavily involved in athletics and is an avid athlete herself. When she is not treating patients you can find her in the bleachers of a basketball game or doing video analysis on her kids to see how they could move better!

Dr. Allison Bell PT, DPT

CIDN, P&PA Coach

Dr. Bell is an orthopedic therapist who treats a wide array of orthopedic & pelvic floor conditions. Dr. Bell is very passionate about and has highly specialized training in the pelvic floor and the female athlete population. Dr. Bell has worked as a pelvic floor therapist for many years addressing all things pelvic health; bladder, bowel, pain, pregnancy & postpartum. Dr. Bell has two young children and is navigating the messy middle of motherhood & fitness right alongside her pregnant & postpartum patients.

Dr. Bell is also a POSE Method certified running technique specialist and is passionate about helping runners run faster & longer without injuries through assessment and technique training.

As a patient of Dr. Bell’s, you can expect movement-based, functional strategies and applications to help you navigate the challenges and obstacles in your life to help you become the best YOU there is.

From walking the dog, to running marathons, to playing basketball we have a program for you! We want to help you walk & run better & be a stronger athlete!

Working to help you move better & live better through a detailed Functional Movement Assessment and individualized plan to help you overcome current obstacles and live your life free of pain or restrictions!

From pregnancy to pelvic pain we are here to help you coordinate and utilize your pelvic floor to the best of your ability. Removing the stigma and empowering you to reclaim your life!

Performing virtual Physical Therapy & Performance based visits to assess and address your current limitations to help you reach your optimal potential!